WEdirekt bonus point program

Information: The award of new bonus points will end at the beginning of October 2021. The bonus points program will end at the end of 2021.

How does the bonus system work?

The bonus system works on a simple principle. You receive 1 bonus point per each 10 Euro value of goods. The bonus points will be automatically credited to your account after the corresponding order has been invoiced.

You can redeem various rewards for your bonus points. This can be a special gift as well as discount codes or vouchers.

Who participates in the bonus system?

Each customer participates automatically in the bonus system. You don`t have to do anything.

How can points be redeemed?

Points can be redeemed in our reward overview ("your account"). Just add your reward to the shopping basket and place an order as usual. You can order the reward together with your PCB and stencil order or separately.


The bonus point system is valid for invoices created from the 1st of April 2016 from WEdirekt. You receive 1 bonus point per 10 Euro value of goods. Bonus points can only be awarded for orders which are placed online through the WEdirekt online shop. Incoming orders by e-mail, fax or phone don’t receive bonus points. Bonus points will be awarded for the net value of goods for PCBs and stencils. We can not give bonus points for shipping costs, redeemed vouchers or discount codes. Bonus points can be transferred to an account of your choice. In such a case we kindly ask you to contact us. A cash pay-out of the bonus points or the reward items is not possible. Rewards from the bonus system cannot be combined with other sales campaigns.

WEdirekt reserves the right to restrict the granting of bonus points and to stop the bonus system without giving reasons and at short notice.

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