Offer & Order

Creating offers yourself

If you already have an account with us, please login with your user credentials. An offer may also be created as an unregistered user.

Calculate your desired circuit board in the "PCB shop". After entering the relevant PCB specification into the calculator, click on the "Print offer" button. This will create a quote in PDF format, which you can use for your internal reference. To order the PCBs later, you can restore the previously entered information using the WEdirekt quote number. Simply enter the quote number into the "Load PCB offer" box. Through this, the information previously given will be entered into the price calculator and you can continue the order process as per usual.

See also our illustrated guideline!

How can I place a repeat order online?

Please add your log in data as usual and click on "Log in". After the log in you have to click on „Your account“.On the first site you can see your current orders.

To place a repeat order, please click on “My orders”. In „My orders“ you can see the current and the finished orders. With click on “Details” you can choose the pcb order that you want to order again. As soon as you have clicked on the button „+ add to cart“ the system will automatically add the old pcb configuration again in your current cart.

That means that the quantity and the delivery time is the same as in your original order. But in the cart you can change those both positions as usual. Afterwards you can follow the order process as usual!

You also have the option of reordering circuit boards that were originally ordered by one of your colleagues. Use our simple account grouping for this!

See also our illustrated guideline!

Can I order only online?

Of course you can also choose the classical ordering method. If you can’t trigger an online order, you can order also by fax or mail.

Therefore we need your order form, the layout data and all information to the pcb. Please create for the pcb information an online offer on our website and send this also to us. Thus we have all the necessary information to start you order and we can avoid time-delays because of queries. You can use the and the fax number +49 (0) 7940 / 946 550240. Please note that orders which are not placed online, are also based on our specifications and general terms and conditions.

Send an order by mail!

Our tip: we know that your internal company guidelines may impose a specific approach. With this in mind, we have arranged procedures to optimally integrate WEdirekt orders into your in-house processes.

What must I do to ensure my internal order number appears on the delivery slip and invoice?

Please enter your internal order number into the field “Your reference”. The relevant field is situated in the header area of the configurator. When this is done, your order number will be included in all correspond-ence, as well as delivery slips and invoices.

Within my company, only the purchasing department can order. How should I proceed?

Under these circumstances, we would recommend using our watch list – the instructions for which are lo-cated a few questions above (“How can I use the “save for later“ application?”). If you use only one account for your company, you can save your choice of goods, plus the data, on the watch list. The prerequisite here is that all your colleagues have access to this account. Accordingly, for example, the development division can define which PCB is required, while your colleague from the purchasing division can order later on, provided the internal order has been initiated.

Can I also submit our internal order number later?

Of course – and please see our proposal here, which simply involves ordering the required goods yourself online via WEdirekt. Proceed initially without specifying your internal order number. Subsequently, we will issue you with an order confirmation, which you can then communicate to your colleagues in the purchasing department. Based on the details in the e-mail, these colleagues will then be able to initiate the internal order.

There are actually two ways of informing us of this order number at a later stage. Firstly, your purchasing division can send us the official order either by fax or e-mail. In the order, please indicate that the infor-mation relates to a current order. Secondly, you can also send us an informal e-mail, which should include the number in your order. In both cases, we will then ensure this number is specified in the “Your reference” field. Accordingly, the order number will then appear on every document you subsequently receive from us.

Up to what point can I cancel my order?

If we did not work on your order yet, a cancellation is always possible without any costs. Furthermore it’s important which kind of board you’ve ordered ("Best Price" or "More Technology").

If you have ordered a "Best Price" board: if the data check is already done, we are able to cancel the order but have to bill a cancellation fee of 30,00 Euro. If the board is already in production a cancellation is not possible anymore. Because in this case we have combined your board with other orders and manufactured them together, so we cannot stop the production.

If you have ordered a "More Technology" board: we can’t give you a flat rate cancellation fee for a Non-Pooling board. We work individually on your Non-Pool board, so the cancellation fee depends on the production progress of your PCB. Generally we can stop a Non-Pool board at any time, cause the board is not combined with other orders. If you want to delete your Non-Pool order, please give us a call or send us a mail. Than we can stop the job and determine the cancellation fee. Than you can decide if a cancellation makes sense in relation to the costs. But please note, that a short stop can lead to a delivery delay if you advise us to continue working on the job.

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