PCB production

Are you manufacturing according to RoHS requirements?

Since the introduction of the RoHS regulations Würth-Elektronik has been producing PCBs without lead. The products from WEdirekt also comply with these regulations.

Which material and thickness do you offer?

The material we use is FR4 TG135 and TG150 (epoxyresin and glas fiber fabric). You can choose thicknesses of 0.80mm, 1.00mm, 1.55mm, 2.00mm, 2.40mm and 3.20mm (Flex 1F = 0,12mm / Flex 2F = 0,17mm).

Which copper thicknesses are available?

You can choose between 18µm, 35µm, 70µm and 105µm finished copper thicknesses. Please kindly note that the end copper thickness depends on the PCB structure.

How many layers are possible?

You can order PCBs with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 layers.

What is the maximum size for a PCB?

We offer PCBs with dimensions up to 426mm × 271mm.

Can I define a layer stack-up?

Unfortunately not. Since we are pooling we are not able to offer specific customer stack-ups.In our pooling system different layers can be combined by creating blind layers. If you need a specific stack-up, please ask us. In this case, the normal distribution channel can certainly submit an offer.

Can I order a delivery panel?

Yes. You can describe your delivery panel in the configurator.

What is checked with E-test?

In E-test procedure the PCB is checked for shorts and opens. A netlist detailing the start- and end-points of the nets will be created from your data. By putting a voltage on the various netends of the PCB the perfect functionality of the PCB can be checked.

Do you perform an E-test on all PCBs?

For 1 and 2 layer PCBs the E-Test is optional. For multilayers the E-Test is included.

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