PCB Data Reader at the Würth Elektronik online shop

With the help of our Data Reader function, we can automatically read the most important circuit board parameters from your layout data. This information can then be transferred to our configurator. To ensure a smooth operation of this function, there are some requirements for the layout data. We have summarized these for you below:

Data format

Please use the following output formats for a reliable data import:

  • Gerber 274X (mechanical layers also in NC or Gerber format)

Identifiable layers

We can currently read the following information from your data:

  • Number of copper layers and smallest structure sizes
  • Number of solder mask layers and smallest structure sizes
  • Number of service print layers and smallest structure sizes
  • Final drill diameter
  • Size of the PCB (please see also the contour information)

Naming of the layers

In order to be able to identify the layers, please name them as follows:

Layer Name Details
Copper layers Copper_X.gbr „X“ = 1 – n
1 = Top layer
2 = first inner layer
3 = second inner layer
… n = Bottom layer
Solder mask Top Soldermask_Top.gbr  
Solder mask Bottom Soldermask_Bot.gbr  
Drill layers PTH Drill_PTH.gbr or *.txt PTH = plated through hole
Drill layers NPTH Drill_NPTH.gbr or *.txt NPTH = non plated through hole
Microvia / Laser drill layers LaserDrill_X_Y_PTH.gbr or .txt
LaserDrill_X_Y_NPTH.gbr or .txt
„X“ and „Y“ names the copper layers (drill from … to …)
Service print Top Silkscreen_Top.gbr Label printing, legend, service printing, position printing, …
Service print Bottom Silkscreen_Bot.gbr
Contour / Outline / Profile Outline.gbr The contour layer should not contain any elements outside the contour line

Depending on the CAD system, the layers can also be correctly named by using the file extension (e.g. in Altium Designer)

Layer Name Details
Copper layer Top *.GTL  
Copper layer Bottom *.GBL  
Inner copper layer *.Gx for inner layer starting with x = 1 – n inner layers Outer layers are not counted. A standard 4 layer board would be named:
Solder mask Top *.GTS Gerber Top Solder
Solder mask Bottom *.GBS Gerber Bottom Solder
Drills *.GGx x = numbered from 1 – n
Service print Top *.GTO Gerber Top Overlay
Service print Bottom *.GBO Gerber Bottom Overlay
Contour / Outline / Profile *.GM1 The contour layer should not contain any elements outside the contour line

If the names of the layers or file extensions are not as shown above then this may result in incorrect or missing values. Please always check the result in the configurator.

Important instructions

The contour

Please always provide a separate contour layer and consider the following:

  • Create the contour layer without external or internal elements. So no drawing frames, fiducial marks, … (if you have additional information please add a * .info layer)
  • Define the outline as "Contour" (the center of the line defines the contour)
  • The line of the contour must always be closed

Delivery panel

The identification of a delivery panel is a challenge for any software.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to check if the software recognized the right type of your board. If necessary, you can change the configuration to a delivery panel or a single PCB at any time after filling the configurator. When indicated we will change it during the data check after we have received the order.

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