Stencil Technology

What is a metal stencil?

To solder SMD-parts on the PCB a sufficient depot of solder must be available. The finish surface on the PCB is most of the time not enough. For this reason solder paste is brought on the pads. The solder paste is applied with a laser cut metal stencil.

In order to avoid the slipping of the SMD-parts during the soldering process on the PCB, the parts are fixed with an adhesive. The adhesive can also be applied with a laser cut metal stencil.

We offer you SMD-metal stencils and glueing-stencils. We also offer our economical ECO-stencil.


The metal stencils are made of refined steel according to the DIN 1.4301. There aredifferent thicknesses of 100 μm, 120 μm, 130µm, 150 μm, 180 μm, 200 μm, 250 μm and 300 μm.

For the seating of the stencil in the printer, one distinguishes between stencils in a fixed frame and stencils in a self mounting system. We deliver you stencils as a rectangle sheet, in a new frame, in a used frame or for a self mounting system.

The screen printing frames are covered with a stainless fabric wire with 80mesh (number of wires / inch) and stuck together with an adhesive on the frame. The metal stencil will be stuck into the fabric wire and the printing area cut out.

For manufacturing stencils for self mounting systems we need the type of the mounting system (manufacturer and type) and a drawing of the perforated edge.

For positioning the stencil on the PCB fiducials are needed. For our stencils 4 fiducials are included.

The fiducials can be manufactured in several ways. These are:

fiducial engraved: only a part of the surface is removed

fiducial cut through: a breakthrough is made

fiducial black filled: a breakthrough is made and filled with a black lacquer


Our base prices for SMD-metal stencils and glueing-stencils include the following parameters:

  • 1000 Pads inclusive
  • modification of the pads : some or all of them
  • 4 fiducials
  • Engraving : 3 x 25 characters


To extend the durability of your Stencils we offer you the following options:

Edge protection (Only for SMD stencils for a self-tensioning frame system):

In order to do this the edges of the stencil are folded over. This minimizes the danger of injuries through sharp edges. The stability of the stencil is increased considerably.

Protective lacquer for adhesives (for frame stencils):

Cleaning the metal stencil with aqueous or solvent based screen cleaner can damage the adhesive and thus the durability of the metal stencil.

Surface treatment:

The cutting process forms at the pad openings and pad walls an oxide coating and to the laser withdrawal side a burr. The burr will be removed within a brushing process. With several polish procedures the surface of the Metal Stencil and the pad walls will be more smoothened. Thus cleaning of the Metal Stencil will be more easily and the release behavior of the solder paste is improved.

Delivery times

We supply your SMD-stencil starting from 1 working day + shipment. If you had also ordered a PCB in our online shop then we can deliver both products together at your request.

What is a ECO stencil?

The ECO Stencil is an economical version that enables developers and individuals to use metal stencils.


  • Material: Rrefined steel DIN 1.4301
  • Thickness: 100 μm, 120 μm, 150 μm, 180 μm, 200 μm, 250 μm
  • Size: 290 x 210 mm (maximum)
  • Stencil form: only therectangular form is supported
  • Pads: 500 pads included (1000 Pads maximum)
  • Engraving : 25 characters maximum
  • Delivery times: from 1 working day + shipment

We will do no modifications on the data.

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